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Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 things to do before 30 (an update 1 year later)

It has been exactly 1 year ever since I made my list of the 30 things I must accomplish before I reach the age of 30. It was actually quite coincidental that I found the list once more since I was in the mood for some retrospection. Upon seeing my Blogspot account, I saw the list and noticed that it was penned exactly a year ago.

On first sight, it seemed that there was nothing on the list that I was able to accomplish. Later on I've realized that I was able to do 2 out of the 30. LOL I dunno if I can pull this off given I still have 9 years to go, but who knows right?

Without further ado, here's the list and what I have been able to do so far.

1. Ride a bus without knowing where it's bound and with no planning whatsoever.

2. Become a medical doctor and finish residency.

3. Skydive.

4. Visit Mt. Pinatubo's crater.

5. Ride the Singapore Flyer.

6. Walk from Tagaytay Rotunda to the Rizal Monument in Manila.

7. Walk on the Great Wall of China.

8. Cook 30 dishes.

9. Visit 30 provinces in the Philippines.

10. Run a marathon.

11. Climb Mount Apo.

12. Learn how to speak French fluently.

13. Color my hair blond.

14. Dive in the Tubbataha Reef.

15. Learn how to surf.

16. Hop aboard a ship.

17. Get a nice tan in Boracay

18. Learn how to drive a car.

19. Bungee jump.

20. Buy my own house.

21. Fly around the world.

22. Ride a hot air balloon.

✔23. Drink like there's no tomorrow.

- Had a fun drinking spree with the Magnolia Kids at Rhean's place last December 3, 2010. Drank a tad too many liquor (2 pitchers of Paolo Timbang's mix with Cossack Vodka, 1 bottle of Mojitos tequila, and 4 bottles of The Bar vodka), threw up (in the CR. LOL!), and fell asleep. What's worst is that we had a Seminar in Nursing class the next day. Good thing I woke up at 5AM and prepared for school. Major hang over the next day though. LOL!

24. Visit Palawan's underground river.

25. Have a six-pack washboard abs.

26. Go vegetarian for 30 days.

27. Ride a motorcycle.

28. Save USD30,000.

✔29. Star-gaze in the middle of the sea.

-Did this last April 20, 2010 onboard PR100 bound for Honolulu. 38,000 feet above somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, I opened my window shade, pressed my face on the window (while covering my head with a pillow to block out the light from the cabin), and saw in all it's glory the vast firmament that held sooo many stars. It was definitely quite a sight to behold. =)

30. Be faithful.

2/30 in one year. Nine years left with 28/30 other things to do. Wish I could make it..